The Tesseran

The first peoples of the northern world, it is said, the Tesseran of Tesseron and their cousins across the Northern Arm are arrogant with due cause. Their roots are deep in the world’s commerce, and are not likely to move. As such, Tesseran tend to treat those peoples who are said to descend from their own like children, and treat their cultures like foolish notions; some Tesseran simply let this foolishness be, others are quick to correct it, and most live in between those two extremes. The Tesseran like to collect seashells, and have an elaborate underground economy for the shape, texture, size, and more of any given shell, though they all understand that this is not economic and is only a hobby.

They have bone-white skin and blonde hair. Some have fairer skin or hair closer to brown, but these traits tend to be associated with mixing and impurity.

Remove both the Darkvision and Light Sensitivity features. Tesseran are not cave dwellers.

Male – Alexei, Danila, Evegny, Gerasim, Ivan, Konstantin, Micha, Pasha, Sergei, Vasiliy, Yuri. Female – Afya, Darya, Evgeniya, Gavrilla, Lara, Nadezhda, Oktyabrina, Polina, Sezja, Tanya, Vova. Family – Abakumov, Blokhin, Dudko, Grigoryev, Ivankov, Kholod, Lebedintsev, Nikitin, Popov, Smolin, Uglov.


The Tesseran

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