The Smallmen

In the neighbouring continent of Solandis, upon the humid and high-grassed lands of Redolia, a peculiar people thrive: small of stature and sophisticated of mind. The Small Tribes are nomadic people who see life’s trials as life’s purpose, and life’s joys. They prise the cultivation of knowledge for knowledge’s sake and prize wisdom and insight above courage and power. To the outside world they are harmless, helpful and somewhat eccentric traders, and those of the Small Tribes that take up that life of intermediary commerce tend to see themselves that way too. But those within the Tribes proper consider themselves to simply be one piece of a greater whole, not unlike the Praeds. Unlike the Praeds, however, the Smallmen consider themselves to hold an important position that must be maintained. This sense of self-importance permeates the people wherever they go.

As lightfoot Halflings, but their weight can fluctuate as much as a human’s.

Male – Akira, Chikafusa, Hachiro, Homare, Jurou, Kaito, Kazuki, Makato, Mizu, Natsu. Female – Ai, Etsuko, Gen, Hachi, Inari, Kazane, Minako, Nozomi, Reiko, Setsuko. Family – Abe, Fujimoto, Hayashi, Ikeda, Kawaguchi, Maeda, Nishimura, Oshiro, Sasaki, Yamazaki

Smalltongue, and often Syen.

The Smallmen

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