The Lizardmen

The lizardmen of Arandis are famous from the Tip to the Roostwood, though seldom known of beyond there in anything other than storytelling. They thrive in the Great Bog that separates the Moorlands from the lands of the Oliar, nearly as large as either of those two lands, and the single largest forested area in the known world. The lizardmen know little of those, and care less. Theirs is a culture of survival and fear. They favor vengeance and power. To the outside world they are violent savages, and from their perspective the outside world is little different. Lizardmen tend to regard the stone buildings and metallurgy of the world as quaint in their excess, trappings of the arrogant peoples that lived and died before the sea.

As the lizardfolk. Treat the dragonborn as the Lizardfolk

On NPCs, treat all dragonborn as green dragonborn, and replace their breath weapon with the lizardfolks’ iconic feature. For a player character, remain unchanged – such characters are considered to be Godpriests to the lizardmen, their breath weapons a powerful magic. To outsiders, they are associated with the power of warlocks

As dragonborn

Lizard Speech

The Lizardmen

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