The Bittermen

Once, they were the woodlings – but where the woodlings squabbled and struggled to thrive, the Bittermen are at one with the Bitterwood. They are fond of the Bitterwood, and of most forests; yet many dislike other wilderlands. The Bittermen favor patience and silence, but appreciate also a strong, bold hand. They see the other peoples of Arandis as the children of their own, the Tesseran as their parents and the others as respectable strangers, whose wisdom should be weighed and judged. The Bittermen hold most closely to the First Way of the peoples of Arandis, though to them it is no religion but rather a practical truth, little recorded and without rigidity.

As wood elves, but their weight can fluctuate as much as a human’s.

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The Bittermen

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