Across an entire continent, a single race has dominated since the Empire held in sway, and this ubiquity results in confidence and trust in the fellow humans who live such different lives from their own, and fear and distrust of anyone else. The extreme distinction between allies and enemies identifies the people of Solandis apart from the rest. In the Empire, the Imperial humans live lawfully and diligently in pursuit of greatness for their withering dynasty; the free peoples of Redolia live somewhat in defiance of their neighbours, reveling in freedom and responsibility; in East Redon, they claim proud ownership of the old Republic and the last benign traditions in the land; in Geed, the people cherish community and peace above safety and right; and in the wildlands south of Geed, too many disparate cultures thrive to be summarized. The world sees the humans of Solandis as powerful and dangerous (if decadent) peoples.

Appearance: As humans. Imperial humans have suntanned skin (though many in the port cities do not) and narrow, slanted eyes. The Redons (of Redolia and East Redon both) have fairer skin and similar (but distinct) eyes. The people of Geed have dark skin and features one might consider “sad.” The wildfolk south of them wear a variety of features, but are most notable for elongated earlobes.


Male – An, Cong, Fai, Guo, Jiang, Long, Mu, On, Rong, Shuang, Tai Yang.
Female – Bi, Chen, Da-xia, Jingjing, Lei, Maylin, Qi, Shuang, Wen, Xiang.
Family – Chang, Guo, Kao, Huang, Lee, Peng, Sun, Vang, Wong, Yang

Redon – As the smallmen

Ged – The given names of Ged are comprised of two words each. These are merely the popular combinations of some such words.
Male – Byung-chul, Do-yun, Gun-soot, Ha-joon, Il-sung, Ji-hu, Kyung-soo, Min-jun, Seung-hyun, Young-jin.
Female – Chun-ja, Eun-ji, Ha-eun, In-sook, Ji-a, Kyung-hee, Mi-kyung, Seo-yun, Ye-seo, Young-mi.
Family – A, Bae, Gangjeon, Kim, Nah, Ong, Pho, Ran, Sang, Ya

Wildlands South of Geed
Male – Asmara, Buana, Citro, Eko, Gemi, Harto, Mentari, Rimba, Soleh, Taman.
Female – Aninda, Bulan, Dwi, Gemi, Intan, Kirana, Mega, Netra, Roro, Utari.
Family – Cendana, Fangestu, Gunawan, Kusuma, Linanto, Pahlawan, Susanto, Tengger, Vonco, Widjaja

Imperials speak Imperial. Redons speak Syen. Ged speak Ge. The wild peoples south of Geed speak an ever-shifting assortment of altered Dir.


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