The Uzqoa

In the Roostwood, the Uzqoa roam. They are so seldom seen, and have tasted little of warfare with the Solandans to the south or the Arandans to the north. What little they have encountered is of explorers and travelers, and the Uzqoa are best known for their caution and otherworldly wisdom. The Uzqoa live close to the beasts of the Roostwood. They are confident but content with their lot in life, for they see the world beyond as too large and dangerous for them. They trust people that smile more than people that do not. The Uzqoa have a habit of climbing things, for which some outsiders liken them to the monkeys that swing from tree to tree in the very same forest.

As forest gnomes

Male – Atl, Camaxtli, Eztli, Itchtaca, Milintica, Ohtli, Tenoch, Xipil, Yaotl, Zuma.
Female – Atl, Cualli, Icnoyotl, Itotia, Mazatl, Nenetl, Quetzal, Tlalli, Xipil, Zyanya.

The Uzqoa do not have family names, most often using their parent’s own name in that stead, or their tribe’s name


The Uzqoa

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