World Of Birthright

Meeting of the Copper Dragon

The King without a Cock

The casters and their honour guard head south towards Summercliff, making somewhat good speed. They stop in a small town on the way named Lott Estate ruled by the Lott family.

The casters sup with the lord of the town, and inform him and his wife of the beastmen threat roaming north of Breezefields. This news does not go over well with Lord Lot, who begins to internalize his fear and doesn’t seem to know how to respond to the situation.

After a night of food and mild celebration, the casters and their honour guard head on their way further south towards Summercliff. Alexie takes romcom tactics into his own hands when he begins performing increasing sexy songs/dances night after night in attempts to try and get Jenno and Regis to hook up – Alexei’s attempts do not work on those two, but everyone else in the caravan seems to be inspired by the performances night after night. whoops.

The troop arrives at Summercliff safely, and Arther immediately heads to the oath tome to send word to the Goldhall while the casters and honour guard head to meet Arthur’s mother,
Daria Canim, Lady of Summercliff and the High Table. After introductions, Lady Daria Canim retires and Arthur shows the group to the blacksmith where they can suit themselves with proper equipment.

Jerome promises to outfit Meric and Jang with half plate armour – as well as a new mace for Meric. Alexei asks for a sling and some studded leather for combat. Qualli asks for a crossbow, but Jerome says only some traders from the empire would be able to supply him with a complex mechanism like that – Qualli becomes obsessed with understand crossbow architecture. Alexei and Qualli take to the markets where Alexei procures a new imperial style outfit (think black and white kimono with large costume fan)

Later that evening there is a party celebrating the casters and their arrival at Summercliff. Qualli asks everyone that he comes in contact with about crossbows. Eventually, someone promises that they can show him one, but they must do so in a private room. Qualli, filled with excitement follows the stranger out of the great hall into a seperate area.

Jang and Alexei have prophetic visions that warn them of Qualli’s danger, and they quickly hunt him down. Merric is engaged in a retelling of the great investigation he and Wallen experienced in Breezefield.

Quallie is shown a magnificent crossbow, and then feels a dagger at the back of his neck. Just as he is being threatened, Alexei and Jang burst in – both attempting to use magic to stop the assassin from hurting Qualli, but both the command and hideous laughter spell fail. Fortunately, after asking politely the assassin drops their weapon – revealing themselves to be lady Jessic of the Turrs.

The party resumes, and Lady Jessic taunts Lexi to perform. Lexi turns out one of her best performances of her entire career. Receiving a standing ovation from the whole crowd. The casters retire early, with a day full of studying in the morning.

Terra Abby calls together a meeting of the council to introduce Lady Jessic, and talk about the course of action. The meeting takes a strange form as Last Jessic reprimands the rest of the honour guard and Alexei and Jang defend their team, talking over eachother to get their point across. Lady Jessic tries to end the meeting, but Alexei says it will continue as we have more matters to discuss. The council continues to talk about what came of communicating with the gold hall, future protective measures exposed be lady Jessic, and that the casters will be studying the oath tome to gain more power for a little over a weeks time.


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