Alexie Ivanov

Bard of the World. Professional Drag Queen and entertainer.

Alexei Ivanoc – Level 3 Bard
Stat Value
Strength 7
Dexterity 12
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 14
Charisma 16
Constitution 9
Hit Points 17
Hit Dice 3d8

A Tessseran Bard and Drag Queen, Alexei Lives for entertaining under the identity Lexi Va. Alexei is fairly even tempered, but can change his mind quickly without much warning. Alexei lives for performing and feels they make the world a better place by putting on a good show.

Alexei idolizes the working of the previous bard, Adrian the Freeman, whose life work was to abolish the slave trade. Alexei strives to one day be the breaker of the slave trade themselves.

Alexei has a past with small petty crimes and stealing from the rich, from growing up among gang activity on the streets. Luckily able to avoid the law and leave the city, but there is a small bounty with their name on it in the City of the Mist.


Early Life

Born in the City of the Mist, Alexei was one of six children. Second oldest, Alexei was charged with supporting their siblings. Their mother was single, and was a prostitute by trade and was not home often. Because of this, Alexei is responsible and looks out for others.

Growing Up

City of Mist is a large city, wrought with gang violence. Because of this Alexei’s and his older sibling Pietro turned to gang affiliation to help support the family. One day during a violent job, Pietro was killed, and Alexei was made to be the sole provider for the family. Alexei started loosely part of the gang, and focused on small heights to steal from the ultra-rich in the City of Mist. All of Alexei’s siblings got a tattoo somewhere on their body representing their family’s connection to each other – with Pietro’s image in the centre.

While never caught, Alexei wracked up quite a bounty in the City of Mist with his gang.


Artur – The youngest sibling of the family, Artur was generally weak and sickly. Alexei rose to the role of being Artur’s parent/guardian figure and would often guide Artur through his early life. As Artur grew up, he began more against Alexei’s wishes and suggestions and would often align with Peitro and take his side. In the heist which led to Peitro’s death, Artur was insistent in joining the mission. Alexei used magic to convince Artur otherwise. Artur maintains that if he had joined Pietro on the heist that he might still be alive and holds it against Alexei.

Olenka – The second oldest sibling of the Ivanoc family, Olenka has always fell outside the family’s wishes. Olenka never wanted to work with her siblings in the gang, but instead joined the City of Mist police force and quickly moved up the ranks in hopes of refeeming the family name. Olenka was often at odds with Alexei, feeling like Alexei was doing a poor job of leading the family. This only put under more pressure when Peitro died, and Olenka holds Alexei accountable. Olenka’s last words to Alexei were “You are going to rot in prison for what you’ve put this family through”.

Peitro – Peitro was a troubled person, often unstable. His mood would fluctuate between drastic highs, and drastic lows where he often spoke of taking his own life. This did not help that he felt responsible for raising the whole family. He was kind to those close to him, but expected a great deal from them, and expected a lot to remain in his good graces, and was punishingly unforgiving.

He was full of pride, and early in his life joined a gang to help support the family. He became an overly faithful servant to his gang. He became a fluid liar as he grew up in the gang, and Alexei became increasingly distrustful of him, which he would voice to Peitro often. Peitro was tasked by his gang leader to go on extremely difficult mission, where he asked both Alexei and Artur to join him – Alexei refused and Peitro said “If you are not with me, you are against me.” He died in that mission, and Alexei was left as the head of the house hold.

Alexei’s Drag

Alexei is much more confident while in his drag persona, Lexi Va. While in drag, Alexei feels as if his decisions are impenetrable, and is more confident in leadership. Lexi interrupts people mid-sentence often and will shut down conversations early, where Alexei will be more thoughtful and respond politely.

Run in with the law
There was a moment when Alexei and their family was going to be convicted of crimes involving theft. Anna Petrov, a friend of Alexei’s family who was also part of the gang, took the fall for Alexei’s family. Her punishment lead to being sold into slavery, where she was shipped off to western Arandis.

Being Discovered & Finding Purpose

The bard acolyte, Danella, tracked down Alexei and began mentoring him in the arts of being a bard. After much encouragement, Denella convinced Alexei to make way to the Realm’s Tourny and seek more guidance in Alexei’s path to discover their power and their place in the world.

Alexie Ivanov

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