World Of Birthright


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After resolving the meeting which followed the welcome party for the casters at SummerCliff, the casters spent the next nine days studying the Oath tome to strengthen their power. In this time, Cualli spent a lot of time at the docks and obtained some information that there is a rebellion going on in the Saenian city of Dihlrom.

The casters call a meeting to talk about their possible course of action, including whether or not the casters should intervene in the goings on at Dihlrom. The casters ask the members of castle who have ties to Dihlrom what they think, and what everyone thinks the next course of action should be. Danya forcefully recommends right now our concerns should be ourselves and getting stronger. Wallen recommends we head to a Blackbridge – a magical piece of architecture which we can study.

The casters and council resolve to go to Blackbridge.

After the meeting is dispersed, the group has an idea of investigating any messages sent from Dihlrom in the oathtome. They head to the oathtome, using magic to convince the mane guarding the oathtome to let them use it.

They discover that a message was sent from Dihlrom, which insinuates that the people of the Tors have invaded Dihlrom. They are requesting the casters to their aid in the fortress, as they are surrounded.

The casters call an emergency meeting of the council to review this information, interrogating Lady Jessic – who claims vehemently that she knew nothing of this attack. Alexei implores everyone that the casters and the council must drop their ties to their old families in order to properly serve this honour guard. There can be no withholding of information if this will be any success.

After conversation, the casters decide making their way for the black bridge is still the best course of action. They leave in the morning on a boat. After a few days, they are met on the water with a pirate ship, where battle is certainly going to ensue.


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